About Sarah

Sarah was born in Roanoke, Virginia and grew up in Blacksburg, Virginia. She graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2012 with degrees in Dietetics and Psychology. After graduation, she completed dietetic internship program in which she spent the last 9 months training to be a dietitian. She has recently passed her board exam and can officially call her self a registered dietitian! Some fun facts about Sarah...She will never, ever turn down cookies and can often be found watching re-runs of Bones.

About Stuart

Stu was born and raised in Blacksburg, Virginia. He attended Virginia Tech and graduated in December 2010 with a BIology degree.  He currently works as a lab analyst at Intrexon, a company that specializes in synthesizing DNA. He is currently contemplating a return to grad school for a masters in Environmental Science or Exercise Physiology. Some fun facts about Stu...He loves eating (all the time!, it's all that weight lifting), and loves to fish on the weekends.

How we met

We met in the Spring of 2004 on a highschool competition trip to Disney World. Stu was hanging out on a street corner in Hollywood Studios and one of my friends recognized him so we headed over to say hello. We spent the rest of that evening trying to ride rollercoasters together. Once back in Blacksburg, Stu would visit my locker between classes and come watch me run at track meets. That summer Stu started working as a lifeguard in the neighborhood that I had just moved in to. He found out from some friends that I lived in the neighborhood and came by after his first day of work to surprise me. We were inseperable after that. We celebrate our anniversery on July 4th, the day of our first date together. We are getting ready to celebrate our 9th year together!

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